releasing rare sp. localities

Dennis Paulson dpaulson at MAIL.UPS.EDU
Wed Dec 4 11:11:36 CST 1996

>When we get our catalogues on-line, we intend to include locality data only to
>county.  This will give enough information to researchers for them to decide
>whether they need to know more about a particular record.  They can then
>contact us for specifics, as needed, which is still faster/easier for them than
>having to "cold call" for large-scale data requests.
>Robin Panza                     panzar at
>Section of Birds, Carnegie MNH

This is exactly what we've done, assuming the records are entirely to
indicate what is available in our collection, *not* a direct source for use
in some way over which we have no control.  We also don't include
collectors' names in our on-line database, for obvious reasons.  Oops, I
should mention that what we have on line so far is only our bird
collection.  You probably don't have to worry much about collectors' names
in herbarium databases!

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