European Campanulaceae

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Tue Dec 10 11:39:16 CST 1996

I'm hoping that botanical members of Taxacom in Europe might be able to tell
me what currently-recognized species are represented by the following two names:

Campanula cuatrecasasii Pau, Trab. Mus. Ci. Nat. Barcelona 12: 442. 1929.
Described from Spain, but not accounted for in Flora Europaea
        (published text or www-accessible data base) or Med-Checklist.

Phyteuma pauciflorum L., Sp. Pl. 170. 1753.
        Flora Europea (both versions) lists "Phyteuma pauciflorum auct. non L."
        as a synonym of P. globularrifolium, but says nothing about the true
        species (as to type).

Please respond via personal e-mail; I doubt if many other Taxacomers will be
interested in this.  Any assistance will be much appreciated.  Thank you.

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