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In The Botanical Register 3: 183. 1817, John Bellenden Ker used "prototype
specimen" in reference to a specimen of Aster novae-angliae in the Clayton

"The present species is said to be found from Canada to Virginia.  Our plant
is evidently, even to the variety, the same with that of the Flora
Virginica; a fact we have established by comparison with the prototype
specimen in Clayton's Herbarium."

This is the first reference to a "type specimen" of any kind, in botany, of
which I am aware.

At 06:25 AM 15 12 1996 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear colleques,
>I have seen a long time ago "Entomological Nomenclature - List of terms for
>TYPES" where are explanation of terms like Allotype, Autotype, Cotype,
>Haplotype, Paratype etc. Anyone knows this referemce?
>I would like to know:
> what is color code for some of this. I remember that  -
>Red is for "Type, Paratype or Holotype",
>Green is for "voucher specimen" and
>Orange "Compared with Type specimen"...
>When names as holotype, cotype and paratype was introduced and by who.

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