Electronic listing of Cronquist's Classification of Flowering Plants

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Sat Dec 21 09:24:21 CST 1996

Cronquist's, Takhtajan's and Dahlgren's classifications of Dicots are all
incorporated in our `Angiosperm Families' package, from which they can be
accessed interactively (via INTKEY) or seen in the WWW descriptions.  The
system of Dahlgren, Clifford and Yeo is used for the Monocots. The package
is available via anonymous ftp from
      ftp.keil.ukans.edu  (directory: /pub/delta/)
and via WWW from

The file Index.txt (note upper case I) lists the available programs and
The Angiosperm Families package has recently been updated, and a formal
announcement with a summary of its present contents will appear soon.

>I am in particular need of an electronic listing of Cronquist's system of
>flowering plant classification (i.e., complete list of families organized
>by Class, Subclass, and Order).  I have my own working subset of this for
>families in this region, but I now need a comprehensive list for our
>herbarium reorganization.  I have not been able to find such a listing
>using web searches...only alphabetical listings of families.
>Can anyone point me to such a listing on the network or send me one if they
>have it?

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