Removing Gene Expression Barriers In Multi Cellular Organisms

Rodolfo V. Moreno rmoreno at ASTERIX.HELIX.NET
Fri Dec 27 00:59:12 CST 1996

 Hello. As dark haired and brown eyed ones seem to have the genetics in
their DNA to have blue or green eyes or so, would anyone be willing to
work on a process where these gene expression barriers would be removed so
that, like how sunlight turns black hair brown and makes melanin tan
the skin or darken it, sunlight would make dark eyed ones eyes turn
grren or blue dependent on the level of sunlight, plus speed up the
process of lightening of hair colour? A process that could allow non
caucasian parents to have caucasian featured children if they so prefered?
(Rocky Newman was born from "black" parents, yet looks very much
 With a bit of effort, we could easily find funding for such research.
ones that are able to do this and it would open up an entire new industry,
could reduce racism, etc.
 rmoreno at

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