Modifying phenotypic expressions of genetic characteristics

Rodolfo V. Moreno rmoreno at ASTERIX.HELIX.NET
Tue Dec 31 02:50:34 CST 1996

Who wouldn't mind hair and eye and skin colour that shifted and
morphed colours.
The capability is in everyones genotype isn't it?
Heard dominant genes could be turned off and recessive genes turned on or
something about proteins produced by dominant genes.
Maybe modify protein synthesis for certain traits?
I know at least that ladies highlight their hair and hair colour lightens
in sunlight. Anyway to speed up this process?
Anyway that one could have caucasian features one hour and non-caucasian
the next by modifying eye, skin, and hair genetic controls where one
would also be able to visibly morph from color to color?
Skin color tans in sunlight exposure. Anyway to make it lighten when not
exposed to sunlight?
Think my dad's eyes change colour from time to time. They used to be grey
green, now there blue green.
Is there some way to bring this about?

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