type of Homo sapiens

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Tue Jan 2 20:47:14 CST 1996

What Richard Jensen said ("it could be designated a lectotype only if it could
be verified that this specimen was among the materials I used to develop my
description of the new taxon") may or may not be used to disqualified Linnaeus
as the holotype (although I agree with Mike Ivie about not mixing botanical
and zoological codes), but it most definitely disqualify this guy Ed Drinker
Cope as the holotype (too bad, our subspecies could have been renamed Homo
sapiens bibimus - pardon my Latin, I am a zoologist). The point is that Cope
was certainly not among the material used by Linnaeus.

All this talk about
holotypes relates to a question I have had since the beginning of the Human
Genome Project: whose genes are we talking about? Are they sequencing the DNA
of a particular person, and if so, who is s/h/it?

Renaud Fortuner

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