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Paul L.Th. Beuk beuk at BIO.UVA.NL
Wed Jan 3 16:12:37 CST 1996

>On Tue, 2 Jan 1996, Michael Ivie wrote:
>> What do you use for a species put into a genus that it has been in
>> previously, but not recently?  This particular situation is not a case of a
>> new generic synonym, just a single species being moved.
>> It is not a NEW COMBINATION, because the combination has been
>> used before.  Ideas?

Gomez Luis Diego replied (3.i.1996):

>in Botany that would generally fall within the realm of Stat.Nov. new status
>as it applies to any change without being too specific.

As far as I always understood it, STAT. NOV. in zoology refers to a
different status awarded to a taxon, for example a subspecies raised to
species or subgenus to genus.

In this case I probably still would choose for the NEW COMBINATION option
because it is after all a new combination compared to contemporary

Paul Beuk

Zoological Museum Amsterdam
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