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Vid Strpic strpic at OLIMP.IRB.HR
Thu Jan 4 13:30:05 CST 1996

At 13:12 04.01.96, raino.lampinen at helsinki.fi wrote:
>Dear Vid,
>I would like to hear and - if possible - try the software you
>mentioned. I am working with the Atlas Florae Europaeae project, and
>we have had a lot ot problems in converting latitude/longitude data
>into UTM squares. The fact that the squares used in Atl. Fl. Eur.
>deviate from the standard system does not make the task easier.
>One of the worst problems in our mapping is Greece. We have received
>the distribution data of the Flora Hellenica project from Copenhagen
>in latitude/longitude format, and Mrs. Marja Koistinen has hitherto
>put the symbols to the maps after a comparison of the UTM squares
>and the latitude/longitude data and the UTM squares on large scale
>Happy New Year,
>Raino Lampinen

Dear Raino,

The program I mentioned is written by a colleague from Mathematical
Department of Faculty of Science here in Zagreb, Croatia. It have done
pretty well for me, and it could do the conversions for the whole UTM grid
(not just some country, like other programs I've seen). The maximum
precision is 100x100 m UTM quadrat, although you have to have pretty
accurate lat/long's for this.

I can send you the program via MIME (it is freely distributed here), but
maybe it will be better if I put it on some FTP server here, and you and
anyone else interested can download it (I am sending this on taxacom also).

The version I have is a PC/DOS program, although it works well under Windows
(in a window or full screen, no matter).

See it on ftp://avalon.irb.hr/incoming/strpic/utm.exe.

And please let me know how it works for you!

New Year's greetings,     Vid.

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