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Thu Jan 4 22:13:38 CST 1996

Vratislav Richard Bejsak (76711.1261 at writes:

>   I am proposing some minor change in ICZN -4
>   If someone make new combination to use his name.
>     For example:
>     Encara nigra Carter, 1920   -   moved to Emcephalus by Matthews, as:
>      Emcephalus nigra (Carter, 1920)  Matthews,1995
>   As an entomologist I will find very useful. There is so many new revisions and
>   we are starting to  losing the track.
>   Any another suggestions?

No suggestions, since no "minor changes in ICZN-4" are necessary: see
Recommendation 51D (p. 16 of the Draft) and Recommendation 51C of
ICZN-3 as well as Recommendation 22B in both.

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