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Viktor Fursov asked me to post the following information:

  Dear Colleagues,  we would like to advertise this  new  book  for
your attention:
   Zerova M.D.,  Serjogina  L.Ya.  "The  Seed-Feeding  Chalcidoidea
(Hymenoptera) of  the  Palaearctics".  - Kiev,  Naukova Dumka Publ.,
1994, 237pp.  (In Russian & brief English summary). 200 lit.sources,
551 pictures  on  72  tbls.,  hard  cover.  Price  15  US$ (or 10 UK
pounds).                     Summary.
   The book  represents  new  research  of most insufficiently known
group of seed-eaters  from  the  order  Hymenoptera  -  phytophagous
chalcidoid wasps which are associated with many species of plants in
the Palaearctics.  Many chalcidoid seed-eaters have the economically
important role in agriculture, forestry and nature in general.
   The complex  of  122  chalcidoid   species   from   3   families:
Eurytomidae (81  species  from  8  genera:  Eurytoma,  Bruchophagus,
Systole, Pseudosystole,   Exeurytoma,   Tetramesa),   Torymidae  (36
species from  3  genera:  Megastigmus,  Bootania,  Syntomaspis)  and
Pteromalidae (1  species  of  Mesopolobus) of the Palaearctic region
are studied in the book. The trophical connections and peculiarities
of distribution and the evolutionary trends are discussed.  Original
identification keys  and  complete  descriptions  are  given for 118
palaearctic seed-eating species  of  chalcids.  Original  black  and
white  drawings  of  the adults and preimaginal stages of chalcidoid
seed-eaters and  551  pictures  of  damaged  seeds  and  fruits  are
represented on 72 tables. The book gives an unique information about
chalcidoid seed-eaters  that  is  aimed  at  a  wide   audience   of
entomologists, advanced  students,  teachers,  research  workers and
advisers in biological control,  applied entomology, crop protection
and plant quarantine.
   The book may be ordered on the address:
 Dr.Marina D.ZEROVA.  Institute of  Zoology  of  National  Ukrainian
Academy  of  Sciences,  Kiev-30,  Bogdan  Khmelnitskiy  Street,  15,
CIS-252601, UKRAINE. Tel.bus.:(044)-224-9333. Fax:(044)-224-1569.
     The payment  should  be  paid by banking check on the amount of
15US$ including shipping on the address above.
     Please, avertise  this  book  to  your  colleagues who would be
interested in this subject.
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