Infraspecific citation

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Tue Jan 9 08:52:12 CST 1996

At 05:49 PM 1/8/96 -0800, Fournier, Judith wrote:
>     Isn't this discussion a little bit specious?  In any properly written
>taxonomic paper, one would first cite the genus Ivieia Author Date as a
>subheading, then list or discuss the different species in order, and list
>any infraspecies under the species citation.  Thus it would be obvious from
>the text  to which species one was referring.   Since you are describing a
>new subspecies, you are required to include a statement to the effect
>differentiating the new taxon from its siblings: eg:  "this subspecies is a
>much darker orange than the nominal species described by Ross from the Such
>& Such Desert".... or something like that.   You could even do it in the
>title:  "A new subspecies of I. neocalifornica Ross from Arizona."

One *could* do all these things.  My point is that IMHO prohibiting using
the species author in a plant trinomial is unnecessarily restrictive, and,
if Jim Reveal's interpretation is correct, not required by the code.

And since when did "not specious" become a requirement for Taxacom
discussions? :-)

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