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Paul Hargraves pharg at GSOSUN1.GSO.URI.EDU
Thu Jan 11 11:33:39 CST 1996

Following the recent arguments/opinions/interpretations on valid publications
and how it's properly done has been a fruitful exercise for me, and to my
mind is one of the more useful threads we have pursued in the past year.
A recent post suggested that a simplified interpretation as to what the
rules mean in plainer language would be useful to many.  One already
exists for diatoms (and probably does for other "groups").  Bob Ross,
retired from the British Museum, published the following paper (whether
this is an "obscure journal" depends on your point of view):

        Ross, R. 1993. Nomenclature for Diatomists. Diatom Research 8:429-438.

Paul Hargraves

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