Mapping Software Inquiry

H. Hayden hhayden at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Tue Jan 16 11:50:40 CST 1996

> I have heard that there has been much discussion at TAXACOM concerning
> computer mapping programs. I am interested in finding a Windows
> compatible program for mapping collection sites of marine algae on a
> global, as well as local and regional scale. I would like a program
> with a high degree of resolution that allows me to mark sites
> based on lat./long. coordinates.
> I recently found a program called MapMaker that seems to be appropriate
> software for the task. I would like to hear of experiences, good or bad,
> with this program.
> I would also like to learn about other desktop programs that fit the above
> criteria. Can someone encapsulate the discussion that has been occuring
> as it relates to this topic, or direct me to the appropriate month when
> most discussion has occured so that I may review the TAXACOM archives?
> Thank you,
> Hillary Hayden
> Department of Botany
> University of Washington
> hhayden at

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