Infraspecific authors

Curtis Clark jcclark at CSUPOMONA.EDU
Tue Jan 16 11:59:06 CST 1996

At 12:20 PM 1/13/96 -0700, Joe Laferriere wrote:
>> [Clark] It is not unusual to see such things as _Quercus ilex_
>> L. HOLM OAK in floras, and the Code does not prohibit use of common names.
>> Certainly the common name in this case is a suffix
>Most certainly not! This is not a suffix, but rather the words following
>the name. If I said "Zea mays L. is tall" would you describe "is tall" as
>a suffix?

Last time I looked, "is tall" was a predicate; Holm Oak is a noun in
apposition. Suffix in the English sense of "part of the word" is inaccurate,
yes, but the author of a name is also a noun in apposition.

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