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>Subject: Cladistic software
>Dear Friends:
>I will be teaching claudistics in General Biology (majors) for the first
>time so I nned
>to brush up a bit. Iam reall good with computer programs - perhaps you
>could recoommend some
>for student learning in systematics?
>If you were going to have your students read just 2-3 articles/books on
>systematics and
>their use, which would you chpoose?
>Is there a single organism/animal which you feel might work best in
>idntifying and exploring
>the best representative traits for claudistic classification, ie. one
>organism which seems
>to have several important features which a biologist would love to find in
>all creatures being classified?
>If I'm not being clear, I want to get away from the "put the organism in a
>phylogenetic slot" approach
>to teaching and work more with valid and more nebulous features useful in
>determining relationships between organisms.
>Very much appreciate your thoughts!!
>Linda Burroughs
>Trenton State College
>Dept. Biology

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