Useless animals

Wilbert Hetterscheid W.HETTER at PBN.AGRO.NL
Fri Jan 19 06:27:46 CST 1996

O.k. so I was too "serious" in my recent culton/taxon blurb. I'm
glad there is such a thing as a taxonomic discussion group to point
this out to me. Actually, I wasn't THAT unaware that Tim Ross's "problem"
with Homo sapiens was based on a less than serious thread. But I've asked
Laferriere to recommend me a dictionary, so I won't make such a terrible
mistake again. Having said that, I'd like to believe that Taxacom actually
IS a taxonomic discussion group, so, isn't there ANYBODY who has anything
to say about what I wrote? I can tell you, that the "grey area" between
"hard-core' taxonomy of plants in nature and that of cultivated plants
needs some investigation, preferrably from both angles. Tim Ross in his
posting og Jan. 5th on Saintpaulias, actually demonstrated part of this problem,by trying to extrapolate plant behaviour in cultivation (guided by man, the
cultivars he mentioned) to hypothesis about species identity in the wild!

Wilbert Hetterscheid

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