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Wed Jan 24 13:56:09 CST 1996

The word is official:  linen Resistall, 36# and 28# will once again be
produced by Byron Weston and sold in the various formats by University
Products.  Production of the 36# will take place between now and June;
#28 stock is still available from the last run.  University Products',
John Dunphy is able to take your orders at this time (1.800.628.1912 or
fax 1.413.532.9281)but be aware that it may "be awhile" before the order
is filled.

I will be asking Richard Carr of Byron Weston Technical Paper Division to
provide anyone interested with a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) upon
request; otherwise, we should have this included with each order.  His
email address is:   rjcarr at

Some of you asked why Byron Weston changed their minds.  Good question.
The story is as follows:  the exisiting BW mill did not meet US-OSHA
specifications for producing Resistall.  Also, storing the paper (which
is impregnated with formaldehyde and therefore the fume concentration
problem)did not meet standards; now, you will receive paper packages
with skull and cross bone motif.  And, now, the paper will be produced
by another mill that does meet standards.  It will be the same stuff;
there will not be anything different about the paper.

Another question regarding the acidity of the paper in solution can only
be answered by monitoring the solutions in your collections.  It is safe
to assume that solutions are changed by using the paper; how much is for
us to figure out.  The overall benefits of a good, wet strength paper
for wet collections is priority.  However, as archivists, we shouldn't
ignore the possible problems that may be inherent in using this paper or
any product designed for longterm storage.

If anyone has more questions I would encourage you to contact Mr. Carr
via email.  There may be a lot of questions, many of those repetitive,
so email would not too intrusive.  Also, John Dunphy will be attending
the SPNHC meetings in Philadelphia (May, 1996) so if you want to ask him
further questions he will be happy to field them then.

So, bottomline:  you can still get the 28# Resistall, format unknown.
University Products will be happy to take your orders now for the 36#
Resistall which will go into production soon but not really be available
until maybe June.

Thank you all for your patience and responses.  Cheers!

                            Alexandra M. Snyder
                           MSB Division of Fishes
                  University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM USA
                 Chair, ASIH Supplies & Resources Subcommittee

                          email:    amsnyder at

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