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Here are some of your answers.  For places such as Fish Creek, Sask, you
will have to get more info (collector, etc.), as there are over a half
dozen such names.

1.  Gorge Creek, Alberta.  Flos E into Sheep Creek.  Is a field site for
    the Univ. of Alberta, BioSciences Dept.  Collector is Lawrence Kenakin.
    50 degrees 39'N, 114 degrees 39'W.

2.  Laggan (=Lake Louise) Alberta.  Name was change in 1914. Collector is
    Owen Bryant.  51 degrees 26'N, 116 degrees, 11'W.

3.  Tp23, Range 14, W4th Meridian.  Contact Dave Larson, Biology Dept,
    Memorial Univ, St John's, Nfld.

4.  Keremeos, B.C., south of Penticton on the road going west to Vancouver.
    49 degrees N, 119 degrees W.

5.  Inverness, B.C. (need more, as ther are Inverness Mt, Passage and Peaks)

6.  Langley Prairie, B.C.  Located where present town of Langley is.  49
    degrees N, 122 degrees W.

7.  Lonsdale (a district of West Vancouver, B.C.), across the Lion's Gate
    Bridge from Vancouver.

8.  Mission Flats, new New Westminster, 49 degrees N, 122 degrees W.

9.  Park Mountain, B.C., 2 localities, but probably n.w. of Sugar lake
    at 50 degrees north, 118 degrees W.

10. Rampart, B.C., e of Cranbrook, 49 degrees N, 115 degrees W.

11.  South Fork, B.C.  Too many to make a decision.

12.  Vaseaux Lake, South of Penticton, North of Osoyoos, in the drainage
     of Okanagan Lake. 49 degrees N, 119 degrees W.

13.  Waterloo Mine, B.C.  Contact the Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa.

14.  Riding Mtn Nat Park.  Park is so small that your dot for
     distribution would cover the whole park.

15.  Riding Mtn Nat park.  same as #14.

16.  Nfld, Avalon Peninsula, Turks Water.  Contact Dave Larson, Biology,,
     Memorial U, St John's, Nfld.

17.  Northern Peninsual, Parsons Road, Nfld.  Contact Dave Larson.

18.  Port Credit, Ontario??  43 degrees 33'N, 79 degrees 35'W.

19.  Kinburn, Ontario.  45 deg 23'N, 76 deg. 11'W.

20.  Mer Bleue Bog, Ontario.  45 deg. 24'N, 75 deg. 30'W.

21.  North Gore, Ontario.  I have a feeling that this is part of Toronto.

22.  One Sided Lake, Ontario.  49 deg. 03'N, 93 deg. 55'W.

23.  Parryville, Ontario>??

24.  Thwartway Island, St Lawrence Islands N.P.  44 degrees, 18'N,
     76 deg. 09'W.

25.  Travoire, Ontario.??

26/27.  Quebec: Gatineau Park - immediately north of Ottawa.  For any
     precise locations needed, contact Henri Goulet at:

28.  St Anne de Bellevue, Quebec.  Is this not the location of Macdonald
     College, once the aggie part of McGill University?

29.  Fish Lake, Saskatchewan.  There are more than 6, but most are not
     far from one another.  A central location is 53 deg. 40'N, 106 deg.
     10'W. There is one lake a fair distance from the others at
     59 deg. 34'N, 108 deg. 22'W.

Hope that this helps a bit.  Robin Leech

On Wed, 24 Jan 1996, Alfred F. Newton wrote:

>      Thanks to help from more than two dozen colleagues, over a third of the
> USA mystery localities that I posted on 12 January have been found.
> Encouraged by this response, I present here a much shorter list of Canadian
> mystery localities.  These are needed for map preparation for the same
> staphylinid beetle revision; entomological collection abbreviations are at
> right.
>      I have already checked various sources including the Canadian
> Geographic Names Database, as recently made available on the web ("Canada's
> Geographic Names",
> and these localities were not found or were ambiguous.  Some are no doubt
> misspellings or excessive abbreviations found on specimen labels, or
> mis-transcribed from the labels, and others may be obsolete names.
>      As before, the desired end product is coordinates (lat./long.) to the
> nearest minute, but any information anyone can provide that would let me
> locate these sites on a map would be greatly appreciated.
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CTR: ST: LOCALITY                      YEAR COLLECTOR        COLN
Can: AB: Gorge Creek [2x]              1962 L. Kenakin       CNC
Can: AB: Laggan                        1925 O. Bryant        CAS
Can: AB: Tp. 23 Rge. 14 W 4 Mer.       1973 D. & M. Larson   MUNC

Can: BC: Heremeos [?initial letter]    1936                  CNC
Can: BC: Inverness                     1904                  MCZ
Can: BC: Langley Pr.                   1932                  SMDV
Can: BC: Lonsdale [coastal species]    1927                  SMDV
Can: BC: Mission Flats                 1950                  CNC
Can: BC: Nixon Creek [4x]              1926 F.S. Carr        UASM
Can: BC: Park Mountain [2x]            1927 E.A. Rendell     CAS
Can: BC: Rampart                       1957                  SMDV
Can: BC: South Fork                    1903                  USNM
Can: BC: Vasceaux Lake                 1925                  CAS
Can: BC: Waterloo Mine                 1933 Thrupp           CAS

Can: MB: Riding Mountain Nat. Park, B. 1979 D.B. Lyons       CNC
           & B. Trail
Can: MB: Riding Mountain Nat. Park,    1979 D.B. Lyons       CNC
           Ma-Ee-Gun Trail

Can: NF: Avalon Pen., Turks Water      1938                  USNM
Can: NF: Northern Pen., Parson's Rd.   1982 D.J. Larson      MUNC

Can: ON: Credit                                              ROM
Can: ON: Kinburn [2x]                  1961                  CNC
Can: ON: Lauzon Lake [2x]              1969 L. & C.W.        FMNH
Can: ON: Mer Bleue bog                 1982 L. LeSage        CNC
Can: ON: North Gore                    1983 L. Huggert       MZLU
Can: ON: One Sided Lake                1960                  CNC
Can: ON: Parryville                    1966 Boy Scouts       ROM
Can: ON: Thwartway Island, St.         1976                  CNC
           Lawrence Island Nat. Park
Can: ON: Traviore [?]                  1907                  CNC

Can: PQ: Gatineau Park, Notch Road     1979                  CNC
Can: PQ: Gatineau Park, Penquin picnic 1978 D.H. Kavanaugh   CAS
Can: PQ: St. Annes [sic]               1926                  BMNH

Can: SK: Fishlake                      1922 W. Criddle       CNC

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