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Jacqueline Soule soule at WSUNIX.WSU.EDU
Fri Jan 26 14:03:46 CST 1996

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, jr19 wrote:

> It continues to amaze me who some people manage to come up with their
> misunderstandings of the Code. Perhaps if more persons doing systematic work
> would actually consult or, better yet, purchase a copy, there would be less
> confusion.

Just buying a copy and studying it does not confer complete and total
understanding.  did watching grown-ups walk teach you how to walk when
you were a toddler?  I think not.  I realize that after 20-30 years of
working with the ICBN all the time-- you may not understand how someone can
not see what is so obvious to you in hindsight, but give us all a break
and have some compasion and understanding and instead of heaping scorn on
the toddler that can not walk, offer encouragement so that they will

no wonder as taxonomists retire they are not replaced.

yes, this is somewhat of a flame.  I do hope it is not "filtered"
because, to quote..

"We must hang together, or we will surely hang alone"

it is a cold cruel world for taxonomists, and putting down those who
actually show intrest and concern is not the best way for taxonomists as
a "species" to survive.

Thank you all for listening.  I do know that you catch more flies with
honey than vinagar, but there are some "vinegar flies" out there who do
not seem attracted to the honey of sweet reason.

I do not mean to put down the many fine and very experienced users of the
Code.  I am just asking that we all take the time to show each other more


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