This thread involves nothing but the flax

Ann Pinzl pinzl at SCS.UNR.EDU
Tue Jan 2 09:13:51 CST 1996

I have purchased linen thread from both University Products and Talas:
        University Products, Inc.
        517 Main Street
        P.O. Box 101
        Holyoke MA 01041-0101

        568 Broadway,Suite 107
        New York, NY 10012

University Products, upon request,  will provide you with a sampling of
the different threads if you are unfamiliar with the thread sizes
available - they did so for me... I am uncertain about Talas doing so.

Ann Pinzl
Nevada State Museum

Fri, 29 Dec 1995 NELSON at CLS.BIOL.SC.EDU wrote:

> Fri 29 Dec, 320 PM Atlantic coast time
> Happy New Year, dear Taxacomers:
>     Does anybody out there know of a good mail-order supply place for
> linen thread for herbarium use?
>     Thanks a lot!
>     Joihn Nelson, USCH

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