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Yuri P. Nekrutenko YPNekrut at MBAT.FREENET.KIEV.UA
Wed Jan 3 23:27:35 CST 1996

>   What do you use for a species put into a genus that it has been in
>   previously, but not recently?  This particular situation is not a case of a
>   new generic synonym, just a single species being moved.
>   It is not a NEW COMBINATION, because the combination has been
>   used before.  Ideas?
>   Mike Ivie
The only adequate option for such a purpose will probably  be  a
RESURRECTED  COMBINATION - only  this declaration  unequivocally
shows that a species 'returned'  to  its previous genus  (like a
Prodigal Son - Secundum Lucam 15: 11-32).


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