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Vid Strpic strpic at OLIMP.IRB.HR
Thu Jan 4 19:55:30 CST 1996

At 19:42 04.01.96, Vratislav Richard Bejsak wrote:
>I am proposing some minor change in ICZN -4
>If someone make new combination to use his name.
>  For example:
>  Encara nigra Carter, 1920   -   moved to Emcephalus by Matthews, as:
>   Emcephalus nigra (Carter, 1920)  Matthews,1995
>As an entomologist I will find very useful. There is so many new revisions and
>we are starting to  losing the track.
>Any another suggestions?
Thank goodness (repeat 10000000000 times) for someone mentioned it!
This rule exists in ICBN for years.
I will also want it to live in ICZN also. But I never dare to mention it...

Of course it is useful! You don't have to track all possible combinations
just under the original author's name (maybe in brackets), and the
subsequent author(s) take the blame (kidding!) directly by referring the name.

I would also like to see some additions to the mentioned rule, like
shortcuts to emendations and so on (":" in the new ICBN).

Maybe botanists know more?   (I will send it on the Taxacom also)

Good luck to us all, V.

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