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Mon Jan 8 10:54:20 CST 1996

I have had no luck in getting this message to NHCOLL-L so I will post it

After several weeks of discussion, Byron Weston Paper Co. is
once again willing to produce Resistall paper and make it available in a
variety of formats through University Products.  To remind the list, this
paper has been used by wet collections (fishes and herps)for jar labels
and when Byron Weston ceased production of it 2 years ago, many
collections were left without a good source of alcohol, formalin
resistant paper.  According to John Dunphy, University Products, his
company is willing to purchase the minimum order of 15,000 lbs. of the
paper (about $10,000 worth) but they need to know if there is still an
interest out there among the museum crowd in purchasing it.

I have been asked to survey the various lists and get the information
together for him.  Therefore, please send your responses to me for the
                  1.  Your name, institution, and area (herp, fish, etc.)
                  2.  How much paper will you buy now (in dollar amounts)?
                  3.  How much paper will you buy 5-10 years from now?
                  4.  In what format will you purchase this paper(sheets,
                      rolls, continuous 3x5" pin fed, etc.)?  If you look
                      at the UP catalogue of 1990-91, pg. 8 you can see
                      what formats were available.

Send your responses directly to me and make it soon.  I must get back to
him by next week with the info.  Of course, your responses will be kept
confidential; I just need to assure him that there is legitimate interest
(a market) out there.  Thank you.

                            Alexandra M. Snyder
                           MSB Division of Fishes
                  University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM USA
                 Chair, ASIH Supplies & Resources Subcommittee

                          email:    amsnyder at unm.edu

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