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Roy Kropp kropp at BATTELLE.ORG
Wed Jan 10 13:19:23 CST 1996

At some universities it is possible to publish parts of a thesis before its
submission to the graduate school. At the University of Maryland my thesis
committee strongly encouraged me to write the results of my systematic studies
on coral-dwelling gall crabs (Brachyura) as a series of papers that were then
put together to form the dissertation. Permission to do so was granted by the
University Graduate School. I was reguired to put together a common introduction
for the thesis, but the chapters were essentially typed versions of the
published or submitted manuscripts. This allowed me to publish five of the
manuscripts before submitting the thesis and two more relatively soon
thereafter. For me, it was a very satisfactory process, especially considering
the reality of the likely delays in publishing after one has taken a job.

Roy Kropp
Battelle Ocean Sciences
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