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MICHAEL A. IVIE writes:-
> The recent long (and interesting) thread about authorship citation
> should answer Richard of Prague's question about a single Code.  NO WAY!
> The ICZN is bad enough to deal with, but the ICBN is obviously even more
> convoluted and obscure.  Plus, zoologists should be cautioned from going
> down the infra subspecific path of botany.  Just say no!

This is seriously underway and was to be further discussed at 5th I. Cong. of
Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (ICSEB V), Budapest, 1996, at least
according to:

Hawksworth,David L; McNeill,J; Sneath,Peter HA; Trehane,R Piers; Tubbs,
Philip K (1994): Towards a harmonized bionomenclature for life on earth.
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 51(3, Sept), 188-216.

Discussion of the results of a 1994 IUBS/IUMS meeting to harmonize Codes of
Nomenclature, zoological, microbiological, botanical etc, and some of the
differences and problems. 'Ambiregnal' organisms were regarded as a particular
problem. By the way page 201-202 also discusses the tricky author citation
differences and seems to regard full citation as an unnecessary and
potentially misleading botanical 'fashion' except for 'nomenclaturally
interested taxonomists' (is there any other sort :-) ?) -- at least for
non-taxonomic works where a reference to a checklist would suffice.  They
recommended citations be made optional.

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