South European Botany addresses

Harvey E. Ballard, Jr. hballard at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Mon Jan 15 09:27:21 CST 1996

Two sources of systematic botanist e-mail/snail-mail addresses will give
you the bulk of addresses worldwide--but neither is exhaustive, and I
encourage you to use both sources, as they have only about 60% overlap:
Plant Taxonomists Online through the University of New Mexico Biology
Department and the ASPT directory.  Together, these two sources will get
you more names, addresses and e-mail addresses of systematists than you
ever dreamed existed.  In addition, you can post requests to TAXACOM as you
have your request for names and addresses; my recently obtained directory
of TAXACOM subscriber names (admittedly including entomologists,
mammalogists and other systematists) totals, I believe, 1100.  Why not use
all three sources? I have never written to anyone on those lists that, if
they responded, hasn't gone far out of the way to help out; all who have
provided assistance have been exceedingly gracious and generous with their
time, and have been a stellar example for me in providing help when others
ask me for it.

I have posted requests for material to TAXACOM, to which many have kindly
and generously replied; I downloaded the Plant Taxonomists Online directory
into Wordperfect (I download a copy every month, as it's updated monthly)
and search it for countries from which I need material and then e-mail
folks at those addresses.  As a last resort I search in my paper copy of
the ASPT directory, but Dick Jensen's pointer about the Smithsonian's ASPT
online directory is eminently more efficient.

These three sources of systematics personnel worldwide have provided me
with contacts for materials and, in preparation for a two-month collecting
and herbarium trip to Europe, with travel guides and lodging and herbarium
assistance, such that I could never have done on my own.  I am really
grateful to all those who instituted and who maintain TAXACOM, the ASPT
directory and Plant Taxonomists Online--these resources have become key
components for making contacts in systematics for me!

Good Luck!
Harvey Ballard

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