Free deom of PANDORA database

Wed Jan 17 15:24:06 CST 1996

       A demonstration version of the PANDORA taxonomic database
  is now available, free of charge.  We will send you 3 HD disks
  or transmit directly via email, if your email system can
  receive about 3 megabytes.  You can copy it freely.

       PANDORA is a taxonomic database system for the preparation
  of monographic or floristic accounts, and for biodiversity
  projects generally.  It has central data files for nomenclature
  with synonymy, specimens (including types), people, collections,
  literature, geographical distribution and multiple morphological
  descriptions in DELTA format.  Further files provide for images,
  uses, vernacular names, and so on.  The system can also be used
  for cataloguing specimens in a collection and it has a flexible
  label printing option, hence it can be either taxon-based,
  specimen-based, or both.  Data sets using international data
  standards are available. On-screen help is always available and a
  wide range of different reporting options is included. PANDORA
  can function either on a desktop for an individual researcher or
  for project groups on a multi-user network, and data can be
  imported from and exported to other databases.  Each PANDORA
  installation can have multiple data sets.  PANDORA is implemented
  as an application of an advanced post-relational database system
  for IBM-PC.

  Richard Pankhurst & Martin Pullan
  Royal Botanic Garden, EDINBURGH, EH3 5LR, U.K.

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