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Fri Jan 19 14:31:34 CST 1996

I really don't see much value in prolonging the life of threads like this
in Taxacom which is a list about about biological systematics.  Racism,
sexism and the perception thereof are important social issues but not
what this list is about.

If anyone feels the need for chat unrelated to biological systematics,
why not spin off e-mail discussions and carry them on on-the-side,
directly with the people involved.

Not to be too much of a grumpy editor ...

Jim Beach

On Fri, 19 Jan 1996, Nancy Hensold wrote:

>         (It must have been getting too boring on TAXACOM.)
>         Yes, whether or not you agree with 'affirmative action' (which is at
> least a consciousness-raising device), I've always thought it was odd that
> an institution would advertise to applicants, "The affirmative action
> committee is on our backs." It doesn't paint a very attractive picture.
>         More to the point, are there qualified women or 'minorities' who
> would resist applying for a position without such 'encouragement?'
> >..... Women and minority scientists are encouraged to apply for this
> >position....
> >This is very discriminating statement mostly seen in racists and dictatorship
> >states, based on sexuality and race preference.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
> > Bejsak (Bayshark) of Collorado-Mansfeld
> >84th duke of Siebenlugner (from Bohemia)
> Nancy Hensold
> Department of Botany
> Field Museum
> Chicago, IL 60605
> hensold at

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