alexandra m snyder amsnyder at UNM.EDU
Tue Jan 23 11:33:38 CST 1996

Thank you ALL for your prompt responses to the email survey regarding
resistall paper demand.  I am sending the following to John Dunphy at
University Products:

                      36 total respondents in 9 days
                      28 want to buy the Resistall NOW & in 5-10 years
                       8 still have stock but want to buy in the next
                            5-10 years
                       3 feel that what they buy NOW will last 10 years

The preferred FORMATS are as follows:

             8.5x11" sheets, in pkg. 500 sheets:  8 for 28# and 10 for 36#
             8.5x11" pinfeed, continuous sheets: 1 for 28# and 2 for 36#
             5x3" pinfeed, continuous labels: 0 for 28# and 7 for 36#
             3x2" pinfeed, continuous labels: 0 for 28# and 2 for 36#
             3x1" pinfeed, continuous labels: 0 for 28# and 1 for 36#
             18x23" sheets, in pkg. 100 sheets: 0 for 28# and 2 for 36#
             5"W, 6"W overall;1300linear ft ROLLS: 0 for 28# and 3 for 36#
             CUSTOMIZED PAPER ORDER:  1 for 36#

Just a comment on the above.  I was suprized that a few of the
respondents use Resistall as "dry tag" paper in insect collections. Since
the paper is not acid free (being impreganted with formaldehyde) does
this effect the longterm suitability of this paper in dry conditions?

Estimated ORDERS for NOW:
             12,704.80 US$ total
                453.74 US$ the average purchase
                 13.90 US$ the smallest order
              4,000.00 US$ the largest order

Estimated ORDERS in the next 5 to 10 years:
             31,170.50 US$ total
                944.56 US$ the average purchase
                 30.00 US$ the smallest order
              7.500.00 US$ the largest order

Countries represented in the survey: Australia, Bermuda,
Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Israel, United Kingdom, and United States.

These collections consisted of 19 fish collections, 9
collections of amphibians and reptiles, 14 collections of
invertebrates, and 3 collections of mammals and birds. (Overlap
in numbers due to some institutions seeking paper for all
collections, inverts through mammals.)

Some of you sent questions that I hope to have answers to once I have
strong assurances from Byron Weston and University Products that they
will make Resistall paper available.  The bottomline is that it looks
promising, and once these companies are assured that a "market"
still exists, we may see the paper once again.  Hopefully, we will
not have to go up and down on the "Resistall yo-yo" any more; this has
been difficult for many of you given budget constraints and so
forth.  PLEASE feel free to send comments, questions, and concerns to
me.  I am passing these along to Mr. Dunphy at University Products to check
into.  Also, you may give thought to other paper formats you wish
were included in what is/has been offered.  And again, I have
only summarized the responses for University Products, keeping the
identities of individual collections confidential.

And finally, to those who apologized for small estimates on orders: NO
believe me.

       Thank you again!

                            Alexandra M. Snyder
                           MSB Division of Fishes
                  University of New Mexico, Albuquerque NM USA
                 Chair, ASIH Supplies & Resources Subcommittee

                          email:    amsnyder at

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