Canadian Place Names

Thu Jan 25 10:58:00 CST 1996

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Regarding some of the Ontario names Robin could not find:

North Gore should be spelled North Gower (45?08'N, 75?43'w) --it is
pronounced "gore" -- I live there.

Lauzon Lake has 2 possible locations:  46?12'N 82?50'W and 49?07'N 80?59'W

Parryville could be Parry Sound at 45?21'N 80?02'W, You might check with
Sheila Byers at the Royal Ontario Museum sheilab at

Travoire Ont may be Travers Ont at 45 ?59'N 81?01W.

Old catalog names are so much FUN!!! :-}

     Judith A. Fournier
     Canadian Museum of Nature
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