Ode to the Rainforest

Joe Laferriere josephl at CCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Jan 26 12:21:57 CST 1996


Words by Joseph E. Laferri=E8re
Music by Ludwig van Beethoven

Words copyright (c) 1990 by author

Celebrate the lush rainforest
And the creatures living there!
Smell the orchids, hear the quetzals,
Feel the raindrops cleanse the air.
Giant teak trees reaching skyward
Turning leaves up towards the sun.
Birds and monkeys live in treetops,
Feeding, caring for their young.
Butterflies drink deep with nectar;
Rivers flow out toward the sea
Fruits abound in this, the home
Of much of life's diversity.

Celebrate the verdant forest
And the peoples living there!
Hear the sound of joy and love
As children's laughter fills the air.
Darts from blowguns bring home food
Whilie shamans cure with ancient means.
Thus the bounty of the forest
Nurtures life and hopes and dreams.
Chants and drumbeats signal persuit
Of happiness and love of life.
Parents teach their children love
And wish peace free from want and strife.

Celebrate the vast rainforest,
Home wondrous unknown life!
Share the earth with all our neighbors.
Life is every species' right.
Forest formed through countless eons,
Home to creatures great and small.
May it last for eons longer,
Source of awe for one and all.
Nature's beauty transcends boundaries
Built by mindless greed and war.
Cherish and protect the forest!
May it bloom forever more!

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