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Doug Yanega dyanega at DENR1.IGIS.UIUC.EDU
Sat Jan 27 19:43:34 CST 1996

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>How does/did this get into our system?  I thought we had this sort of
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>Ticked off, Robin Leech

No, this is the third time in recent history that "Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz has
targeted mailing lists. Essentially every list on the entire Net gets hit
every time he crawls out from under his rock, and he's adept at forging
moderator approval. Below I append a message from Jim Beach, from the LAST
time Kevin hit the list. The take-home message is there is nothing you/we
can do, but Kevin has made so many enemies on the Net, he should eventually
get his comeuppance.

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This is a forged mailing address (in fact, it is a cute self-referential
trick, referring to the troubles he causes the Internet community), and a
false identity. Last week it was some female grad student from Korea or
some such. His real identity is

> >> >   Kevin Jay Lipsitz (KJL-DOM)
> >> >      PO Box 120990
> >> >      Staten Island NY  10312-0990
> >> >
> >> >      Domain Name: KJL.COM
> >> >
> >> >      Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
> >> >         Lipsitz, Kevin Jay  (KJL2)  krazykev at KJL.COM, krazykev at
> >> >         718-967-1234

But if you send mail to his address to complain, it mail-bombs you in
return. You might try the following provider, but they will likely ignore
complaints, since no one can *prove* the Spam originates there:

>Compucare, Inc. (CONNECT6-DOM)
>   2200 Clove Road
>   Staten Island, NY 10305
>   Domain Name: CONNECT2.COM
>   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
>      Laino, Steve  (SL266)  steve at PLANET.EARTHCOM.NET
>      718-720-4374

these folks have been serving as Kevin's link for some time, as has, but ignores complaints about Kevin so you'd be
wasting your breath there. He's been at this for years, I doubt we'll ever
get him to stop. Note the following:

To: "James H. Beach" <jbeach at NSF.GOV>
From: dyanega at (Doug Yanega)
Subject: Re: *Important* info regarding Magazine Ad; where to complain

>The Berkeley listserv software does a pretty good job at catching spams
>to Taxacom. I have deleted many that it intercepted which the list has
>not seen, In the end though, there is no way to automatically intercept
>spam messages when the sender has taken pains to outsmart the listserv
>filter by avoiding the conditions which activates the spam interceptor.

Right now, Kevin ranks close to #1 on the Net's "most wanted spammer" list.
Basically, DON'T try to complain to the forged address, and just hope that
eventually this guy will be stopped.

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