Sat Jan 27 21:32:04 CST 1996

Doug Yanega wrote:

>... this is the third time in recent history that "Krazy" Kevin Lipsitz
>has targeted mailing lists.

I run two moderated mailing lists.  One or the other of them gets
hit by this particular spam/chain letter/pyramid scheme about ONCE
A WEEK.  Sometimes it comes from people who have been suckered by
the pyramid scheme element;  you may get a free subscription if you
sign up other subscribers.

>... he's adept at forging moderator approval.

Not true.  What he does is change a few key phrases so the article
gets past the pattern-matching filters often used to block spam and
loops (remember those?) on UNmoderated mailing lists.

TAXACOM is unmoderated, which most of us prefer, most of the time.
Moderating TAXACOM would involve having someone approve every post
BEFORE distribution.

As subscribers to TAXACOM, the best we can do is ignore the spam.


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