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David Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Mon Jan 29 17:37:36 CST 1996

I have used the DOS program Versamap and recommend it for what you were
asking.  Phil Ward has used it to map distribution data of ants for
publication quality graphics.  I found it easier to use than Infomap but
that was several years ago.

The following information is (in part) from the author of the program:

Versamap version 1.50 is  $15, plus $5 per disk for additional digital maps.

Versamap is available on the Internet via FTP or Netscape from

as the file    simtel/msdos/mapping/
             file size: 324 K (331363 bytes)
             file date: Nov 26,1995

       Draws outline maps on 14 map projections

Features in version 1.50, not available in the last version (1.30) include:

 1.  ability to plot Great Circles and to report the course and
     distance at waypoints along the Great Circle;
 2.  ability to export maps as AutoCad DXF vector graphics files;
 3.  a UTM, universal transverse Mercator projection (this was
     requested by many biologists);
 4.  ability to include labels in Versamap ascii PRN files, and to
     print the labels next to the points they describe when the
     file is plotted;
 5.  ability to plot geographic features in different colors from
     the same input file;
 6.  improved CGM vector graphics files;
 7.  ability to plot maps in 16 colors; and
 8.  a circle symbol.


Charles Culberson, author of VERSAMAP

Internet: 70511.3134 at
   Phone: 302-731-0694

    Mail: Charles Culberson
          8 Ritter Lane
          Newark, DE  19711
I have no association with him, except to support cheap software!

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