UTM to Lat/lon conversion

Vid Strpic strpic at OLIMP.IRB.HR
Thu Jan 4 10:34:49 CST 1996

At 19:37 03.01.96, stipoid at cc.usu.edu wrote:

>Does anyone know of a program for converting UTM data to latitude and
>longitude?  I am particularly interested in western North America, but any
>information would be of interest.  Thanks.  Mary Barkworth

It really is a bit of problem. UTM data are _quadrats_, not points, and
therefore cannot be converted in the way I think you are asking. But, is is
possible to give 4 geographical coordinates (lat/long) which correspond to
edges of the quadrat.

I am sorry, but I have the software to do it, bu it is the other way
(lat/long -> UTM) so I cannot help. But maybe someone else around can?

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