UTM to Lat/lon conversion

Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sat Jan 6 12:08:51 CST 1996

At 01:30 PM 4/01/96 +0100, Vid Strpic wrote:

>Dear Raino,
>The program I mentioned is written by a colleague from Mathematical
>Department of Faculty of Science here in Zagreb, Croatia. It have done
>pretty well for me, and it could do the conversions for the whole UTM grid
>(not just some country, like other programs I've seen). The maximum
>precision is 100x100 m UTM quadrat, although you have to have pretty
>accurate lat/long's for this.
>I can send you the program via MIME (it is freely distributed here), but
>maybe it will be better if I put it on some FTP server here, and you and
>anyone else interested can download it (I am sending this on taxacom also).
>The version I have is a PC/DOS program, although it works well under Windows
>(in a window or full screen, no matter).
>See it on ftp://avalon.irb.hr/incoming/strpic/utm.exe.
>And please let me know how it works for you!
>New Year's greetings,     Vid.
>Vid Strpic, Ivanicgradska 48, 10000 Zagreb
>tel. 01 449795, 227760, 4561075; fax: 385 01 420437 (work!)
>email: strpic at faust.irb.hr        IRC: Martin
>WWW: http://faust.irb.hr/~strpic
>VRATIO SE NASH DRAGI ARLAN!       (drustvo s brda)

Dear Vid,

I hope you meant your message to get to us all. I have downloaded the file
(as a zip) and tried it. It works well, except for one minor point: the
North-South letter designators are incorrect in the southern hemisphere. Try
for example 27N, 152W versus 27S 152E. Both times, the program gave the same
letter (R not J). The 100km grid letter system seems to be OK for SE
hemisphere however.

BTW, I have a small program similar to this, but giving UTM east and north
to cm, not 100metre. Perhaps you would like to try it?


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