NOTE! Address Change

Cathleen May clmay at MSN.COM
Sat Jan 6 18:21:05 CST 1996

Dear All:

I am now using the Microsoft Network, at home and at the office.

Please up-date your address files so that I can correspond with you more

clmay at

If you receive a message or reply from an account called "catmay", this means
I am paying for the computer and phone time personally.  You do not need to
use the alternate address--I will forward non-government correspondence to the
personal account and deal with it there.

If I owe you correspondence, please excuse my absence from the Net.  What with
2 months travel, then the holidays, an up-grade to Win 95, and the furlough, I
am somewhat behind.

Sorry for duplicate messages!

Cathleen May

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