Rules of Nomenclature, L. Weresub

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Thu Jan 11 08:30:17 CST 1996

The following is a contribution from beyond the grave.

L. Weresub

ON PAIN OF INVALIDITY (That is, non-existence)

I.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a new name for a new taxon without a description
or diagnosis, which -- after 1 January, 1935, -- must be in Latin; without
indicating its rank after 1 January 1953; and without indicating a
nomenclatural type after 1 January 1958.

II.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH, at the same time, more than one name for what
you recognize as a single taxon.

III.  THOU SHLAT NOT PUBLISH a new name in a genus unless the generic name
is already or simulataneously published.

IV.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a new combination that you do not spell out and
accept, and -- after 1 January 1953, -- without clearly indicating the
basionym (or replaced synonym), without a full and direct reference to the
author of the basionym, to the publication, its date, with page or plate.

V.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a new name for a taxon whose rank you designate
by a misplaced term.

ON PAIN OF ILLEGITIMACY  (that is, existence without respectability)

VI.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a new name identical to an earlier validly
published name with a different type (i.e., a later homonym), unless the
earlier homnym was published as a name under the zoological code and applies
to an animal.

VII.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a combination in which the epithet exactly
repeats the generic name (i.e., a tautonym) unless the combination is
legitimately an automatically established name, an autonym.

VIII.  THOU SHALT NOT USE a name with explicit exclusion of its type, for
thereby you creat a later homonym.

IX.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a superfluous name, i.e., for a taxon in which
you include the type of a name that has legitimate priority.

X.  THOU SHALT NOT PUBLISH a new name that you simultaneously apply to more
than one taxon.

FROM Mary Barkworth: Luella's ten commandments are not the kind of guide to
the code that is being discussed, and which I would love to see.  But I have
found them useful, enjoyable, and succinct.  They are repeated as she wrote
them, prior to the Botanical Congress in Sydney.  I think that at least the
first needs amending in the light of more recent congresses, but I need to
work on a more urgent and essential (to my well-being) task than checking
each one right now.

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