British Columbian Taxa- please help

Cori Barraclough cbarr at UVVM.UVIC.CA
Sun Jan 14 20:16:51 CST 1996

Dear TAXACOM subscribers-

I hope that some of you can help me with a problem:

I am currently assembling a compendium of taxonomic information for all of
British Columbia's freshwater organisms. The aim of this project is to:

a) compile taxonomic information on B.C. organisms from both the open and
gray literature (pure taxonomy, survey work, impact reports) as raw
material for species checklists
b) determine what keys exist for B.C. freshwater organisms
c) assess the usefulness of those keys
d) determine which other keys are appropriate for B.C.
    (eg. keys for Alberta, Washington etc.)
e) determine where information gaps exist and prioritize future tasks
f) create a directory of taxonomists/biologists familiar with B.C. taxa

It is my understanding that there is a great deal of research on British
Columbia's flora and fauna being done outside of B.C., particularly on
aquatic insects. If any one reading this is working on B.C. freshwater
organisms (even peripherally), or knows of someone who is, I would very
much appreciate hearing from you. I have the names and addresses of many
taxonomists in B.C., (and will be contacting these people very soon)  but
few names from outside the province. I hope that this message will reach
those people that I might otherwise miss.

The intent of the project is to create a database that will be accessable
to anyone who needs information on freshwater organisms. If you would like
to be kept informed about the project/database please let me know and I
will add your name to my list.

This project must be completed by mid-March. Please feel free to pass this
message along to other interested individuals/discussion groups.

Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Cori Barraclough (CBARR at UVVM.UVIC.CA)

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