SKIS NAMe-files to be released

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Mon Jan 15 09:54:11 CST 1996

>> Date:    Thu, 11 Jan 1996 00:02:12 GMT
>> From:    Derek Gunn <Gunn at>
>> Subject: SKIS NAMe-files to be released.
>> To all Six Kingdom Inventory System users:
>> Re 1: aquarium fishes: new NAMes-files nearly ready for posting
>>    2: new release soon of Family-level NAMes-files:  NAM-F-2.ZIP
>>    3: changes/corrections wanted urgently for present Family-level files
>> 1/ Nearly ready for release are NAMes-files for 500 tropical freshwater
>> aquarium fishes, and 350 marine aquarium fishes.
>> The former is a good example of how SKIS handles synonyms.
>> 2/ The successor to the 1983 "Dictionary of the Fungi" is now available,
>> published mid-December 1995, IMI, CABI.
>> In releasing NAM-F-1.ZIP to FTP late last year, we omitted two files
>> because of the delay to publication of this Dictionary.  These were
>> the files for Fungi (ss) and Protoctista (including some
>> 'Fungi'(sl)).
>> The new files are scheduled to be posted in 3-4 weeks in NAM-F-2.ZIP.
>> This time the full series of 10 Family-level NAMs will be present,
>> ie all 6 Kingdoms of Biodiversity are covered at Family-level to run
>> interactively in the SKI_IN and SKI_PLUS programmes.
>> In the meantime, we would appreciate further comments, suggestions,
>> and above all any corrections of errors (as distinct from
>> improvements) that users find in the currently available Family-level
>> NAMes-files as in NAM-F-1.ZIP.  This is so that we can correct them
>> before they are re-issued.
>> Indications so far are that the NAMes-files are largely error free
>> [ie largely free of unintentional errors, although they cannot be
>> more up-to-date than the references used to create them.  Full
>> updates will come in due course].  This means we can be brave enough
>> to ask for any and all corrections please, and still hope for an early
>> release of NAM-F-2.ZIP.
>> 3/ Does anyone still have files keyed to the 1983 Dictionary of the
>> Fungi?  If so, would you be interested in us producing a NAMes-file
>> that 'translates' at Family-level from the 1983 "Classification" to
>> the new version.  You would select a name of 1983 vintage from the
>> NAMes-file menus and SKIS will deliver it in a checklist in its
>> 1995 higher Classification.
>> Cheers to all SKIS-users for '96.
>> SKIS_56.ZIP and NAM-F-1.ZIP can be obtained from the following sites:
>> Asian    users,
>> American users,
>> European users,
>> Oceanian users,
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>> detailed information for Biodiversity, Conservation, and Education
>> via the further development and promotion of the SKI-System.______

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