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Luis Ruedas (Museum of SW Biology) lruedas at SEVILLETA.UNM.EDU
Tue Jan 16 14:17:08 CST 1996

Dear readers:

I am team co-teaching a graduate systematics course (Principles of
Systematic Biology).  In order to make the course more worthwhile, I am
compiling a bibliography for the students of classic papers in
systematics for each of the units of the course (e.g., Species Concepts;
Processes of Speciation; Rates of Evolution; Philosophical Schools of
Classification; etc.).  By classic, we understand pre-1975 (usually,
although for example, most of the rates of evolution debate came after
this date, so we are being arbitrary).

I wonder if any of you out there have any particular favorite papers
(or contributions) which you feel have been seminal to any particular
field within systematics, that you might recommend (whether you teach
systematics or not, and whether they fit into one of the categories
enumerated above or not).

It might be best to send the input to myself or Jennifer Frey
(jkfrey at directly, and we would post a summary to the list
(that might keep unnecessary traffic off the list).

Thanks in advance,



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