Russian Insect Exchange

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Wed Jan 17 12:44:35 CST 1996

Good morning fellow netters:

A young chap, a Russian post-bac student, visiting here till the end of May,
has a request. He and a friend of his, still in Russia, are interested in
the exchange of Russian insect specimens for the same from around
the world.

The chap in Russia:  Mr. Vjacheslav Okulov
                     Russia, Udmurtia
                     g.Izhevsk, ul. Votkinskoe shosse, 90-36

The Russian chap here:  Mr. Andre Zykin
                        UCF - PO Box 166685
                        Orlando, Florida, 32816-3222
     after end of may
                        Mr. Andre Zykin
                        Russia, Udmurtia
                        g. Izhevsk, ul. Vorovskogo, 127-160

If you wish, you may address e-mail messages to Mr. Zykin (or Mr. Okulov,
and Mr. Zykin will forward them) at my address given elsewhere, and I
will make sure he gets them.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

cheers!!! rof, in the land of milk and honey

Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate in charge of Arthropod
Collections (UCFC), Biology Dept. University of Central Florida, Orlando,
Florida, 32816, USA. stuartf at

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