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H.G. Richter hrichter at AIXH0401.HOLZ.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Mon Jan 22 17:37:02 CST 1996

On Thu, 18 Jan 1996, Brian Brown wrote:

> I suggest you look at the following paper:
> Upton, M.S. 1993. Aqueous gum-chloral slide mounting media: an historical
> review. Bulletin of Entomological Research.
>         The author suggests that Euparol is the best alternative.
The stuff Brian has mentioned as being suggested by the author M.S. Upton
is called *Euparal* rather than Eupar*o*l and is manufactured by the
CHROMA-GESELLSCHAFT (Schmidt GmbH & Co.), Koengen, Germany. It is an
ethanol-soluble synthetic embedding medium with an refraction index of
1,483 (liquid) and 1,535 (hardened), respectively. It has widely and
successfully replaced Canada Balsam and other xylene/toluene-soluble
embedding media, at least in the preparation of permanent slides of wood
This information, though rather marginal, might help those interested in
judging its potential for the respective purpose.

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