Family name ending- zoology code question

David Carmean carmean at SFU.CA
Mon Jan 22 16:17:32 CST 1996

Dear Nomenclators,

Many (well, one or two) would greatly appreciate a final word on which
spelling should be used for the Trigonalyidae/Trigonalidae (Hymenoptera).
I am revising the family, and hope not to add to the confusion.

Here is the necessary background information:

Trigonalys Westwood 1835.  [The "genus is named in allusion to the
triangular form of the second submarginal cell" (Westwood 1843)].

Trigonalidae Cresson 1887: 183.
Trigonalyidae Krieger 1894: 23.
Cresson (1887) was the first to use Trigonalys to form a family-rank name
for the group but this has apparently been overlooked by others.

Oehlke (1983) argued 'Trigonalyidae' is correct.  Recently someone wrote me
suggesting the original 'Trigonalidae' is correct.  He said:

>When changing SUFFIXES, you simply drop the endings and add to the
>REMAINING STEM the -idae.  Thus, the stem of Trigonalys is Trigonal-,
>with no -y-....  So Trigonalys does not give Trigonal-Y-idae.

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In a related matter, the use of Trigonalis (instead of Pseudogonalos) for
the single European Trigonalyid species, is incorrect.

Oehlke (1983) also recognized the name Trigonalis Spinola 1840 as a generic
name distinct from Trigonalys Westwood 1835, making Pseudogonalos (1906) a
junior synonym of Trigonalis.  Scaramozzino & Pagliano (1989) pointed out
that Trigonalis was a misspelling of Trigonalys.  Spinola (1840) attributed
Trigonalis to Klug, indicating his intent was not to describe a new genus,
and later noted his error (Spinola, 1841).  Trigonalis is an "incorrect
subsequent spelling" (International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature,
1985, article 33 section c) and is not an available name.  Thus the name
Pseudogonalos stands. If I am in error on this, another misspelling
(Trygonalys), might also be used for several widely distributed species!

Thank you,
Dave Carmean
carmean at

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