Purchasing a copy of the newest CODE

Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Tue Jan 30 11:58:28 CST 1996

     For those wishing to buy a copy of the latest International Code of
     Botanical Nomenclature:

     Available from Koeltz Scientific Books, PO Box 1360, D-61453
     Koenigstein, Germany  (Fax 49-6174 937240).
     Cost: about DM60 (plus postage, I think, and of course with a 20%
     discount if you are a personal member of IAPT, 50% discount for an
     institutional member of IAPT).

     This (Tokyo) edition of the Code is significantly different from the
     previous several editions in the numbering and arrangement of
     articles, so it is well worth buying this edition.

     Koeltz also have a German translation of the Code available for DM45.

     For those interested in the nomenclature of cultivated plants, Koeltz
     have recently started taking orders for the new "Cultivated" Code.

     (For those wondering, I have no connection with Koeltz; like others on
     TAXACOM, I would just like to facilitate everyone being up-to-date on
     this basic aspect of systematics/taxonomy.)

     Karen L. Wilson
     Royal Botanic Gardens               E-mail: karen at rbgsyd.gov.au
     Mrs Macquaries Road                          Fax: 61-2-251.7231
     SYDNEY  NSW 2000,  AUSTRALIA               Phone: 61-2-231.8137

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