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Troy Weldy trweldy at VAXSAR.VASSAR.EDU
Tue Jan 30 09:39:50 CST 1996


I am using a program called MapInfo.  We are using the program in a number
of different ways, one of which is mapping the locations of collected plant
specimens.  We mainly use the program as a digital mapping system in our
continual effort to create a layered map of the Vassar College Ecological
Preserve.  The maps contain vegetation zones, contours, state plane
coordinates, lat/long, buildings, streams, trails, and the list goes on.
The program was originally written for salespeople to better target
potential "victims", but it is quickly being recognized by many in the
sciences as a wonderful mapping software due to its relative ease of use
and its multiple uses.

I'm sorry to say that I have not used "MapMaker" and therefore, cannot
offer a comparison.  The drawback, which you will find with most mapping
programs, is that you must install a base map.  USGS Topo Maps are
available on CD for about $100.  MapInfo is written in three formats: Mac,
Mac PowerPC, and PC.  You are not that far from Poughkeepsie, so if you
please, you are welcome to visit and can view for yourself if this program
fits your needs.  We are eager and excited to share with others the work
that is being conducted here.

Good luck,

Troy Weldy...


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