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John McNeill johnm at ROM.ON.CA
Sun Jul 7 21:58:15 CDT 1996

On 7 July 1996, Richard Hill (REhill at ix.netcom.com)  wrote:

>What is the purpose of BIOCODE?

As I daresay a number of people will ask the same question as R.E.
Hill, I am copying my reply to the two Listservers (TAXACOM & ICZN-4)
to which notice of the new BioCode Listserver has so far been given.

A full answer to the question is provided in the General Introduction
to the Draft BioCode which is available to those who sign on to the
BIOCODE Listserver.

Briefly, the Draft BioCode is an IUBS/IUMS sponsored prospective
general Code of Biological Nomenclature to govern the scientific names
of all organisms from a future date to be determined - 1 January 2000
has been suggested.

For further information, send a message to listserv at cmsa@berkeley.edu
with the text:  subscribe biocode Yourfirstname Yourlastname

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