Value of 'naming'

Richard Jensen rjensen at SAINTMARYS.EDU
Fri Jul 12 11:31:25 CDT 1996

Do you mean colloquial or scientific names?  There is real value in both
(this is my opinion), but I'm not sure that memorizing the scientific
names is critical for that level.  The key would be to get them to learn
colloquial names and to be aware that (1) there are standardized
scientific names associated with colloquial names and (2) not all
organisms (in fact, most do not) have colloquial names, so for many
"kinds", the scientific name is the only name available.  In fact, it may
be best to focus on generic names (generic in both senses -
scientifically and colloquially).  It depends on what your objectives as
a teacher are!

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