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Of what kind of "common standardized names" are you talking about?
Any language has zero, one, or more "common" names for any scientific
one (to use P.Rauch phrasing:), and vice versa.
How can it be possible to have any "standardization" of so many
different names in so many different languages? And for what use?
If the aim is to teach a class to young children about nature why don't
just use the local "common" names? In this way, moreover, they (the
students) will be able to make themselves understood in the place they
live when talking about those organisms.
Do we really need another "standardization" of names (with a very
limited "universal" value) besides "scientific" ones?
I do not think so, and I do not see the improvement on the existing
system, one set of (internationally used) names is just enough, I

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